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Andersen Corporate Social

Come join Andersen and learn how to spread, layer, tuck and roll your way to sushi heaven. In this fun, hands-on social cooking class, you’ll learn all the skills needed to make sushi rolls at home, including how to prepare sushi rice, select sushi-grade fish, and add additional tasty neta (ingredients) to enhance your dining experience. In just two hours, you’ll learn to make and enjoy three types of sushi rolls: a California roll, Spicy Tuna roll, and a seaweed out Vegetable roll. You’re welcome to freestyle and prepare your rolls how you like them- with seaweed inside or out, vertical or horizontal. The possibilities are endless!


Nov 15 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


CocuSocial Sushi
1224 N Post Oak Rd #100, Houston, TX