UH Beta Alpha Psi

Our Interns


We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our members for their outstanding accomplishments. We are honored to have such bright and talented individuals representing Beta Alpha Psi and know they will continue to make us proud! We wish you the best experiences and growth as you embark on your journey. 

 With Love,

Your Beta Alpha Psi Officer Team

Mudassir Uddin

EY Spring 2021

Brandon King

Deloitte Spring 2021

Enterprise Products Summer 2021

Edward Nava

PwC Spring 2021

William Kahney

EY Spring 2021

Daniel Ali

PwC Spring 2021

Leslie Garza

RSM Spring 2021

Destiny Tamez

Grant Thornton Spring 2021

Edgar Mercado

KPMG Spring 2021

Anmol Walia

PwC Spring 2021

Miguel Soto

PwC Spring 2021

Haley Netanel

PKF Spring 2021

Phisut Uiprasertwattana

KPMG Spring 2021

Naomi Garza

Oxy Summer 2020

EY Spring 2021

Weaver Summer 2021

Reggie Huerta

EY Spring 2021

Halliburton Summer 2021

Bauer in DC Spring 2022

Logan Welsch

RSM Summer 2019

PwC Spring 2020

ExxonMobil Summer 2020

Iole Bispo

KPMG Spring 2020

Nicholas Poppenhusen

Moss Adams Spring 2020

Vincent Siu

EY Summer 2021

Klarissa Bueno

BKD Spring 2021

BKD Spring 2022

Kelly Eng

KPMG Summer 2020

BDO Summer 2021

Rey Tovar

Lyondell Basell Summer 2020

Briggs & Veselka Spring 2021

Drake Sanders

PKF Spring 2021

Martin Nguyen

PKF Spring 2021

Zack Labadie

KPMG Spring 2022

Bill Zheng

PwC Summer 2020

Rodrigo Braz

PwC Spring 2021

Tony Nguyen

EY Summer 2021

BMC Software Winter 2021

Deloitte Summer 2022

Dana Blum

Malone Bailey Spring 2022 

Doeren Mayhew Winter 2022

Rustin Nejad

EY Spring 2021

Protiviti Summer 2021

Aisha Adebisi

PwC Summer 2021

Vy Truong

PKF Spring 2022

PwC Summer 2022

Alexis Chan

RSM Spring 2022

Lucia Sanchez

RSM Spring 2022

Bao Quyen Le

Amazon Summer 2021

EY Spring 2022

Grant Thornton Summer 2022

David Pham

EY Spring 2022

Nhi Nguyen

Briggs & Veselka Spring 2022

Kate Ramirez

RSM Spring 2022

Misa Tran

PwC Winter 2022

Deloitte Summer 2022

Quynh Ton

BDO Spring 2022

Kelbe Sylvan

Doeren Mayhew Winter 2022

Enterprise Products Summer 2022

Trang Than

Ham, Langston & Brezina Summer 2021

Comfort Systems USA Fall 2021

PwC Spring 2022

RSM Summer 2022

Aizhan Mukhametzhanova

Independent Financial Summer 2022

PwC Summer 2023

Duy Pham

Deloitte Summer 2022

Zoya Hussain

EY Spring 2022


Rahul DC

EY Summer 2023

Natalia Garcia-Sanchez

KPMG Summer 2022