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Beta Alpha Psi offers various professional development events trough out the semester to ensure you are ready to secure the job of your dreams. Check out our calendar to see which events you’d like to attend, and RSVP trough our weekly DBAP.

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Weekly Professional Meetings

We have weekly professional meetings scheduled with our sponsors. Show up to your target firms or show up to all of them?! The choice is yours!

Expand your network!

We have many social events trough out the semester that will not only connect you with like-minded students but also Alumni!

Give Back

Giving back is very important to Beta Alpha Psi, and its even better when we do it together! Join us as we help our community trough our various volunteering events.

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Lets face it. Becoming a memeber of Beta Alpha Psi requires some serious dedication and work. Its more than just paying a fee, Beta Alpha Psi makes students earn their place in the organization which is why firms love to hire Beta Alpha Psi students!

Exclusive DBAP information

Our newsletter is sent out every sunday with exclusive events ONLY available to those in Beta Alpha Psi. RSVP'ing is easy and fast!


All money raised trough our fundraising events is given back to our members at the end of semester banquet!