Keeping up with Beta Alpha Psi

Spring 2020 Edition

The week of February the 10th

Students started off the week by having a delicious dinner with BDO members at Mia’s Table! They learned a lot about the accounting profession and opportunities available!

Saturday, February 8th

Students got their workout of the day covered at this fun, crossfit social!

Week of January 31st - January 7th

Students started the week by visiting RSM’s offices and learning about all of the amazing opportunities they have.

We then had an office tour at EY and our students got insight into their opportunities and even got a sneak peek at their new Innovation center!

Project Cure, February 1st

BAP members spent the day volunteering with Project C.u.r.e. !

Project c.u.r.e’s main purpose is to collect and sort donated medical supplies  and equipment from manufacturers, hospitals, and surpluses and then distribute the supplies and equipment to developing countries based on a needs assessment of the local hospitals and clinics in those countries.

We are so proud of our members and their commitment to giving back to the community.

Week of Jan 27-31

We started off our week by visiting the offices of PKF! Our members truly enjoyed seeing the offices and networking with all of the professionals. 

We then had Recruiting prep on Tuesday. Our students got to hear more about recruiting from Megan Bauml – the assistant director of undergraduate career services. Members got to speak with professionals from various CPA firms and ask them directly what makes a great candidate.

Huge thank you to PKF, Megan Bauml, and all of the professionals who took time from busy season to come and speak with our students- we truly appreciate it.

Rush Week Jan 21-24

The Beta Alpha Psi officers were busy at work informing students about the amazing opportunities Beta Alpha Psi has to offer! We hosted our 3 orientations and welcomed so many new and returning members to Beta Alpha Psi. We finished off with 2 fun nights of bowling, to bond with our members.