Registration FAQ

Registration Frequently Asked Questions




  • What’s the difference between an associate, candidate, and member?
    • An Associate is typically a freshman or sophomore who is interested in learning more about the accounting profession. It’s a great investment in your career to join as an associate. Many of our associates have recruited with firms early in their college career. If an associate meets the point requirement, then he/she gets to come to banquet for free. But remember: ASSOCIATES CANNOT MAKE MEMBER AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER.

      A Candidate is a student who is enrolled in an upper-level Accounting/Finance/MIS course and meets the GPA requirements. They are eligible to become member if they meet the point requirement and pass the the end of the semester GPA audit. Candidates who meet these requirements can attend banquet with a plus one for free!

      A Member is someone who has fulfilled all the requirements from a previous semester. Once a member, always a member! However, if a person wants to continue being involved with BAP, they can become an active member by paying the $45 due. Remember: THERE ARE POINT REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERS TOO! A member who meets point requirements, can attend banquet for free.

  • What if I’m in FINA 3332, MIS 3300, ACCT 2331/2332?
    • No. THOSE COURSES DO NOT COUNT. Those are not major-specific courses; those are core courses everyone has to take. If you are taking these courses without starting your major-specific courses, YOU ARE AN ASSOCIATE.

      Here are examples of major-specific courses. Remember, if you have taken or are taking these courses, YOU ARE A CANDIDATE:

      Accounting : Frameworks, Intermediate, Intermediate II, Audit, Tax, Cost Accounting

      MIS:  Systems Analysis and Design, Java, TP1, PM, Database I

      Finance:  Corporate Finance, Investment Management

  • Can I pay for multiple semesters?
    • No. Registration and dues are on a single semester basis only.

  • I am a transfer student and I do not have a UH GPA. Can I still apply?
    • Yes. Along with your advisement report, which should have your current classes, you must send us a transcript from your previous school.

  • Can I pay for multiple dues at the same time?
    • No. If you order online, we send our dues invoice based on your name and email.

  • What if I don’t meet the GPA requirements? For example, if I have a 3.299 GPA can I still join?
    • Sorry but unfortunately you do not qualify for UH BAP. A prospective student must meet the high academic standards that we set in order to guarantee the quality the Beta Alpha Psi is known for.

  • What if I can’t attend orientation on a specific date?
    • Don’t worry! We set up multiple orientation days at the beginning of the semester since we know that everyone has different schedules. If you can’t make any of those days, you must email the president with WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION for EVERY ABSENCE.