How to Join



  1. Determine if and how you qualify for BAP: Depending on your GPA , classification and previous participation you could be an associate, candidate or member.  Details are provided HERE.
  2. Register for your semester membership: Details and the online registration form are located HERE.
  3. Submit your advisement report:
    • If you are an undergraduate associate or candidate this semester, you are required to obtain your current advisement report from the myUH system and email it to our Internal Auditor to verify that you meet the GPA requirements. The process to obtain it is detailed HERE.
    • If you are a graduate student, you must submit your unofficial transcript instead.
    • If you are a returning member you do NOT have to submit an advisement report/unofficial transcript.
  4. Pay your semester membership dues with Beta Alpha Psi. For details about payment, click HERE.
  5. Attend Orientation: One orientation is required for each associate and candidate. Orientation is not required for returning members.