Alumni Spotlight


The University of Houston, BAP Alumni Relations team would like to showcase the achievements and successes of our alumni to BAP community.



Gregory D. Laake


Catapult Energy Services Group

Graduation Year

Give a brief description of your career path. How did you get to where you are today?
+ Public Accounting (KPMG)
+ CPA in 1987
+ Schlumberger (NYSE)
+ Enterra Oilfield (NYSE)
+ Weatherford (NYSE)
+ National-Oilwell (IPO – NYSE)
+ International posting Norway
+ Co-founder of Chinese JV between Gansu province and National
Oilwell. Board member.
+ NGP-backed purchase of CRC-Evans Pipeline International
+ CFO / BOD member of CRC-Evans – Sold to strategic in 2010
+ Founder Catapult Energy Services in 2013
$100M Energy Services Fund and infrastructure provider seeking
services entrepreneurs for start up ventures

Why did you get involved with Beta Alpha Psi ?
It was a way to meet and interact with people that were in the
accounting industry in other than a classroom setting.

What did you learn from your involvement in Beta Alpha Psi?
I was the VP – Social so I had to set up the banquet and give an
address at the banquet in front of 200 people. I had a fear of public
speaking, so it really pushed me out of my comfort zone! I did great
but almost died of fright.

What is something you got out of Beta Alpha Psi that you did not expect? 
I have 4 friends who were BAPers with me who I still have after 33 years.

How has your experience in Beta Alpha Psi influenced/helped advance your career?
The exposure to business professionals helped shape my understanding of what was possible.

What do you see as the most compelling trends in the accounting/finance field?
Dependence on overly complex and voluminous rules versus relying on principles-based interpretation of business situations. The erosion of fundamental business ethics.

What have been the biggest challenges in your career?
Staying current and deciding which career path to pursue (public vs.
private sector) or getting into other operational areas that did not
involve accounting at all. Finding the right people to staff my team
and partnering with the right people!

What should BAP members do to increase the value they obtain from the organization?
Contacts, Contacts, and Contacts. Find out how to assist and put your back into it. Interact with the professors and business leaders in the school. Make sure they know your name!